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Salvador Correia, Fotografias

Pai, Marido, Fotógrafo

Salvador Correia, Fotografias

Pai, Marido, Fotógrafo

Why do I created a new account when I had 1.3k something followers on the other one? (Instagram)

Because it just wasn't funny anymore.

For sure you may think that this Instagram game is really just about the followers, the likes, the huge number in the followers tab of your profile, but what really hits the nail in the head is: that’s a freaking lie.

A lie, because you are not going to became the famous photographer you think you are, spending time, botting, following people just for the damn number, and unfollowing those who unfollow you. Forget it my friend, you are not.

And i get tired of playing that game, and i just want to be happy with photography, learn with the best, and help anyone who ask me to grow, the same way i want to grow with them.

So, this time, i will share the pictures i want to share, when i want to share and without the freaking white board shenanigans (your instagram profile are not your portfolio, sorry to say this), at the time i want to share, i only be worried to be showcased in the best tags, and be happy with sharing my pictures again.

We should all take the time to think about this and reflect about the “like” you are getting right now. It’s probably, a lie my friends.

This photos where taken during the St. Ana fair in Oliveira São Mateus, Portugal.
Maybe because of my roots, or  because you can find all kind of people in this small villages and fairs, i know i love to document this events.

I will repeat this post in portugue with the rest of the series.

Best, Salvador